Help obtain government funding for your child's school in England!

Did you know the government gives additional funding to schools for those children entitled to free school meals (pupil premium)?

Schools use this money to obtain additional staff and resources that help improve the quality of education.

To find out whether your child qualifies for pupil premium, and hence whether their school would receive additional funding, please fill in the details requested on this site.

In addition, the following pupils will be protected against losing their free school meals (pupil premium) as follows:

  • Pupils who were eligible on 1 April 2018, or who became eligible since then, continue to receive free meals, even if their household is no longer eligible under the benefits/low-earnings criteria, up until March 2025 and then until the end of their phase of education
  • New applicants for free school meals on or after 1 April 2018, who are in receipt of Universal Credit and have earnings above the earned income threshold, will not be eligible for free school meals

The Universal Credit rollout is currently expected to complete in March 2025

  • An LGfL school can check eligibility on behalf of a parent, the parent will need to contact your child's school, as they can run a check on your behalf.
  • A parent of a child attending any LGfL school can now use this website to check their eligibility.
  • A Certificate of Eligibility is only available for an eligible child that is attending a school in England not using the full LGfL service. The Certificate of Eligibility should be taken to your child's school.